The needle workmanship is that typical of the Italian production of footwears for the extreme sturdiness and estate.

This type of production needs the use of sophisticated machineries to be able to give a best aspect to the product.

In fact, after the cut and the seam of the components, the phase of assemblage of the anterior part of the shoe is extremely important in the form, as illustrated in the photo to the right.

This procedure is extremely important to check that hide is well stretched and that the shoe is correctly climbed on.

For this it uses of personnel with decennial experience.

The following phase is the closing and the ironing of the back part of the shoe under the careful eye of the employee to the production.

The joining to the fund is rigorously effected to personnel hand of decennial experience to have a control of best quality and to avoid dribbles or filaments that could engrave on the external aspect of the product.

The ended product is ready to be manufactured and sold.

The phases above you list they are clearly those more important and that mostly they characterize this type of workmanship, others as the planning, the development, the cut and the seam of the components are synthetically described in the page of presentation of the history of the firm.

Moccasin work

The moccasin workmanship or to pouch is characterized for being sewn completely (above and under), as a pouch before being worked.

This type of seam doesn’t allow the use of normal forms therefore, as shown by the image, the ironing happens with a heated form where an artisan of experience will occupy him of the ironing and to the hand beating of the shoe so that can get the desired form.

The following phase is the seam of the fund, important for the sturdiness and the flexibility of the shoe, also it effected with cars of last generation and the vigilant eye of experienced personnel.

This workmanship is the product of point of our firm because it contains in itself softness, lightness and technique of workmanship that are synonymous of quality, search of the materials, style and elegance that identify an Italian product.

Strobel work

The workmanship Strobel, as it is easy to also realize from the name, it is characterized for the particular comfort and flexibility of the product.

The seam is the phase most important and that it identifies better this workmanship: the upper is sewn with the insole along everything of its perimeter with a lot of attention and care.

This technique makes the extremely comfortable shoe thanks to the fact that walking us above will assume the form of the foot improving the blood circulation and assuaging the tiredness of the legs, flexible because doesn’t introduce excesses of hide under the insole as it happens for the assemblage with other techniques of workmanship.

After the assemblage of the upper with the insole, the form in the shoe is inserted for being stretched and prepared for the assemblage with the fund.

Now the shoe is ready to be manufactured and expeditious!

With this image he/she is wanted to make to notice the flexibility that makes her/it soft and comforting and the lightness important above all for the one whom a lot of standing times pass.