About Us

Shoe factory was born in the ’70s, from two brothers Sergio and Sandro Ramadori, who had already experience in other shoe factories.

Design comes out from our designers, who are always working on tastes and trend, realizing what people want from every kind of shoes.

Cut is the next step for the design and is one of the most important steps, because if we want to have success with our shoes, we must carefully select hides we want to use to carry them out.

For this reason, we have very experienced staff and high quality machinery.

The following steps are neckline and seam, and they are handmade by our craftsmen in our laboratories, so the shoe can take little by little the shape of foot, becoming comfortable and easy to put, but also stronger, with more rig and lastingness.

Works used today are: needle, flexible, moccasin.

We have chosen those three kinds of works because we want to produce a comfortable and fancy product, really Made in Italy.

We have chosen to have an own factory to produce a high quality of men’s footwear, comfortable and at a bargain, guaranteed by Made in Italy.

Mocassino College There are difficulties, but the hard work gives us a symbol, known everywhere, of our production: the "College" moccasin.